WebFire 3.0 Review

Webfire 3.0 is the third edition of one of the most powerful traffic generation tools ever released to the public. It was created by internet marketing veterans, Shawn Casey, and Brian Koz. There is a total of 27 tools included in the members area ranging from instant video creation to keyword research tools.

The software suit is so powerful that Shawn and Brian are giving you a triple guarantee that includes the following….

  • Guaranteed to get you on the front page of Google in 7 minutes of when you start.
  • Guarantee you will start getting free traffic within 24 hours.
  • Get your money back if the guarantees above are accomplished by you.

Now…That’s a hell of a guarantee!

So how can these guys make these guarantees?

There are 27 great tools inside the Webfire software. Each of them does a very different job to help you analyze, understand your website and how to fix the SEO issues on your site for high ranking on Google. In fact, to be honest, it’s quite remarkable what the software is capable of but don’t take my word for it let the software speak for itself.

Here are just a few things the software tools do….

  • A software that finds leads that are looking for the exact products that you are promoting.
  • A software that will turn your articles into videos, adds a voice over and submit your new video to youtube.
  • Several keyword finding tools that help you find the best keywords to compete for and get your sites ranked high in google.

webfire.com review

Webfire has become the most preferred choice for webmasters and internet marketers. Let’s find out why.

  • Determines the right SEO strategy after thoroughly analyzing the website and market prospects.
  • Recommends suitable SEO tool to grow on search ranking and website traffic results.
  • Manages everything automatically including press release distribution, an article to video conversion, article spinning and posting to quality directories for bringing guaranteed ranking position in SERPs and desired level of traffic.
  • Makes sure that top secret keyword tools are deployed to pick up the most relevant keywords for website ranking optimization.
  • Intimates to leading search engines and websites about the latest updated content on your website for consideration.
  • Assures to convert interested leads into sales for the website and helps it earn revenue in turn.
  • Makes the website visible in highly productive and authority websites that are really effective in bringing traffic and ranking to the website.
  • Searches and targets the best-recognized forums and blogs in your niche for regular posting and participation so that good volume of traffic can be driven to your website in few days period.
  • If getting high ranking and more exposure for your website is the sole purpose, you need to have a tryst with Webfire
  • SEO software for a fixed monthly price. It will not only help you succeed in earning more traffic but also save time and efforts on doing SEO manually.

webfire review 2016


  • Main keywords tool is excellent for your keywords research. Unlike Google Keywords Planner where they only tell you the number of searches per month, Webfire also let you know which keywords are easier to rank on 1st page of Google.
  • Tell you what your site’s problem is. The site analysis tool in Webfire instantly analyzes your website or market and get the best SEO suggestions. These tools allow you to know where the missing keywords on your site are, this could be in the meta tag, image tag or title, etc.. This allows you to go back to your website and add the keywords which you want to rank for.
  • The suggestions given by Webfire’s powerful SEO tools are very accurate and easy to follow.
  • PING tool: There’s a tool called “Submit my site” in Webfire which basically submits your website’s new update to the search engines so your site can get indexed and ranked.
  • Press Release Tool: Webfire submits press releases to top Google press release sites however I’m not very sure the quality of these press releases since I have not got time to play with this tool.
  • Making a video: This is my favorite one. Image you want to have quick and easy videos to upload on video sharing sites like YouTube? Yes, Webfire can turn articles into videos with optional human-like voice-overs and submits them on your chosen videos sharing sites automatically. I really love it! I used to spend a lot of time to make my own videos but this tool saves me the pain.
  • Spin articles to as many unique articles as you want. Webfire then submits those unique articles which you have spun to top article directories to increase your exposure to search engines. This is so much valuable because as you know content is king, the more content you have, the better.

Get instant and fresh leads! Who doesn’t want instant and fresh leads right? Yes, Webfire have the tool which helps you get fresh leads from people who are asking specific questions related to your niche on Q&A sites and on the forum, social media sites. Once you get these people, you just need to add value to them and send them to your site.


Honestly, I haven’t had any bad experience with Webfire, there’s only one thing which you might need to be aware of is that the internet is required to run Webfire. Also, when using the video tool, you need to check the number of words in each slide and make sure they look good before exporting the videos to YouTube.

This is the kind of income I have been generating using WebFire software.

This is the kind of income I have been generating using WebFire software.


The bottom line is that WebFire is a one of a kind tool that you will find nowhere else and will make you tons of traffic. Check it out now, you will not regret it.

And to top it all off, they give you a money back guarantee! So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I highly recommend this incredible SEO Software to you. Try it for yourself and let me know how you love it. 🙂


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