What is internet marketing

Internet marketing is an activity to increase profits, develop and expand the market, increase brand popularity and attract buyers and customers to business using the Internet and its capabilities. Internet marketing tools – search engine promotion, contextual and targeted advertising, e-commerce, web analytics, etc.

Why do you need internet marketing?

Internet marketing allows you to highlight the audience that will be interested in the product using analytics or surveys. Events are always aimed at a specific target audience and are selected depending on the purpose of the promotion.

  • If the company is unknown in the market, promotion can be aimed at increasing awareness among the target audience.
  • If the goal is to attract as many users as possible to the site, work is being done to increase traffic.
  • If you need to stimulate users to perform certain actions, actions are taken to increase conversion.

Who is involved in online marketing

  • Marketers who plan and implement promotion strategies. The marketer thinks about what the promotion should be like so that the company can achieve its goals.
  • Analysts who work with Internet marketing in terms of collecting and interpreting indicators, forecasting, etc.
  • Their work is also taken into account in marketing strategies.
  • SEO-specialists, SMM-specialists, contextual advertising managers – they work out specific methods for a particular type of promotion. If a marketer develops a strategy, then the listed specialists determine what actions in this strategy need to be performed.
  • Content managers and content makers – they are directly responsible for the content that is created as part of online marketing.

What is internet marketing for?

Brand promotion, increasing the recognition of a company or a public person on the Internet. Creating demand for a particular product. Answers to the “pains” of customers – unsolved needs and problems of users. Attracting attention to a product – a product or service – to form a need and desire to buy it.

Selection of an audience that will be interested in a particular product or content. Communicating with a selected audience in a language they understand and presenting up-to-date information.Increase in traffic – the flow of users who come to the site.

Conversion growth – the percentage of completed target actions from the total number of visits. Creating a community around a product or brand, launching word of mouth, when users themselves begin to promote a product on their own initiative. Growth in sales and profits.

What is Internet Marketing

We have given several popular components of integrated promotion on the Internet. There are many more types.

Contextual advertising

Campaigns are launched on search engines and partner sites. Ads are displayed after the user enters a specific search query into the line. It is located above and below organic issuance, therefore it collects a lot of views and targeted transitions.

Targeted advertising

Campaigns are launched on social networks. Prior to launch, users are sampled by time, demographic, geographic and other criteria. Advertisements are seen only by members of the target audience.

SEO promotion

A set of works on the development of the site, changing its environment, analyzing user behavior to improve the position of the site in the results of search engines and increase its traffic.

SMM, social media marketing

Work to increase brand awareness, build a loyal following base, attract new customers and boost sales through social media. This is not only the promotion of groups or channels dedicated to brands, but also work within them: filling pages with content, activities designed for users, working with objections and prompt feedback.

Promotion through landing pages

Landing pages, or landing pages, are one-page sites that are created to sell a specific product. They are usually clicked on from advertisements. The creation and promotion of landing pages is considered a separate area of marketing: even such trifles as the location of the button – at the top or bottom are important.

Email newsletters

Mailings “warm up” users who have already shown interest in the product, give them useful information and encourage them to take advantage of the offer. Despite the development of other forms of Internet marketing, they continue to be popular.

Modern Internet marketing involves a gradual abandonment of classic SEO. New tools, technologies, deeper study of the target audience make advertising more flexible, addressed to a specific user.