Basic tools in internet marketing

We can use one of its tools, invest in its development, allocate a rather large budget for it and apply it from different angles. And it will work, but it will not be possible to squeeze out large-scale and results from one tool.

Fortunately, there are many tools. They differ in the method of attraction, in quality, volume and efficiency. And each of them can work in tandem, and in a trio, and in a quartet along with other tactics.

Integrated Internet Marketing

Consists of the following activities:

  • attracting targeted traffic; improving the conversion – the conditions for the user to perform a particular action,
  • for example, ordering a product; as a result,
  • potential buyers become customers.

SMM – Social Media Marketing

This tool should be put in first place among other methods of Internet marketing. It is easy to find people in social networks depending on their interests, hobbies, age, create a community and inform visitors about a variety of new products.

Advertising that is placed on these resources is usually unobtrusive and is aimed at the target audience, which is selected according to many parameters. Social networks are adapted for mobile phones, so it is very easy to collect traffic from them.

SEO optimization

It helps to increase sales, make the brand more popular and increase revenue. First of all, your site is highly ranked by search engines, and once performed promotion will bring you benefits for a long time.

The audience will begin to better trust the Internet resource that appears on the first pages of the search results, the number of customers will increase, and with proper website content, you will always be at the top of the search results.

Сontextual advertising

An effective way to increase sales. You select an audience by age, interests, geographic location, interests, and many other parameters. Regardless of the service, thanks to contextual advertising, exactly the user who is interested in your product or service will come to you.

Banner Advertising

We have all seen animated images with advertising text and a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. Often they flicker and take up most of the screen. This is banner advertising, with the help of which you can effectively convey information about the product to the target audience.

E-mail marketing

Establishing a two-way relationship between the business and the consumer is very effective with the help of e-mail marketing. Each client individually receives electronic messages about the company, the activities of the company, new products in the online store, etc.

The cost of such advertising is minimal, with the help of feedback, you can track the reaction of users. It is clear that the preparation of a quality advertising mailing is a key step in the entire process.


With it, you can unite users into thematic unions, publish and update information about your company or products, and find new consumers. A convenient platform for communicating with the audience and receiving feedback.

Video Marketing

The effectiveness of this tool has been proven by time. Now anyone can create a video clip, and then distribute it via e-mail mailing or placement on video hosting sites. Small videos can be uploaded to Instagram.

It is especially effective to promote an online store with the help of video, because it helps to better understand the features of a particular product, the sequence of order fulfillment, etc. Moreover, visual content is always easier to perceive than a large text block.

Event marketing

This is the name of product promotion with the help of certain events: webinars, forums, seminars. An emotional contact is established between the consumer and the brand, the client receives all the necessary information about the product or service.

However, here, more than anywhere else, the process is important: determining the target audience, goals, tasks, time, place, etc., the ability to present information about the brand. The main components of any event: announcement (informing), its holding and informational wave (aftertaste).

Now complex Internet marketing is widespread, that is, the use of several tools at different stages. For example, demand is best generated through contextual advertising, while traffic is best generated through SEO. Email and SMS marketing help when working with customers who are already convinced of the quality of your product and are interested in further purchases.


A landing page is essentially a one-page website. These landing pages usually contain information about a single product and are created to collect user data and applications.


You can remove objections, show the product in person, and collect leads using webinars. Usually it can be presentations, courses, trainings. This way you can show your expertise and increase brand credibility.


Thanks to this tool, you can get backlinks to the site, which allow you to go from the page of one site to another. This is possible if you post content that you want to share. Good for these purposes are useful (only really useful) checklists, instructions, tests, online calculators, collections of cool services.